[Recommended shop of Fushimi Inari, Kyoto] Let’s take out “Inari Sushi” at the specialty store “Senbon Inari”!

This post explains “Senbon Inari” of the specialty store of “Inari Sushi”.

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Information of “Senbon Inari”

“Senbon Inari” is a shop located on Fushimi Inari station of the Keihan Electric Railway.

A shop located on the ticket gate on the east side of the station

“Senbon Inari” is a specialty store of Inari Sushi. This shop is a new shop just opened in April 2017.

“Inari-Sushi” is the food wrapped vinegared rice with “Oage”(sweet deep-fried “Tofu”)

Inari Sushi
Address of “Senbon Inari”
33, Fukakusa-Ichinotsubo-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, 612-0012
Map of “Senbon Inari”

Business hours of “Senbon Inari”
Regular holiday of “Senbon Inari”
open all year round

The appearance of “Senbon Inari”

Since this shop is outside the ticket gate, you can buy “Inari Sushi” here without taking a train.

The appearance of “Senbon Inari”

The face of the fox is hung on the wall of the shop.

The face of the fox on the wall

This is the weight to keep the bill from flying in the wind. The fox which is a symbol of Fushimi Inari is also designed here.

Goods like Fushimi Inari

Menu of “Senbon Inari”

“Senbon Inari” is a specialty store of “Inari Sushi”. There are many unusual menus that you don’t see much in other shops.

Name Price
Wasabi Inari: Wasabi 120yen
Kanpyo-Kingoma Inari: Dried gourd, Sesame 120yen
Shiitake-Kanpyo Inari: Shiitake mushrooms, Dried gourd 150yen
Renkon-Aosansho Inari: Lotus root, Japanese pepper 150yen
Sabaoboro-Shoga Inari: Mackerel, Ginger 150yen
Gyuniku Shigureni Inari: Boiled beef steak 250yen
Kisetsu no Inari: Seasonal ingredients 250yen

You can taste various Inari Sushi at this store!

Dried gourd, Sesame

Let’s take out “Inari Sushi”

You should take out Inari Sushi in “Senbon Inari” and climb Inariyama mountain.

Let’s take out Inari Sushi!

Inariyama mountain is popular also for foreign tourists, because you can climb Inariyama mountain relatively easily.

View from Inariyama mountain

Inari Sushi you eat after climbing Inariyama mountain is exceptional!

You surely will say, “This is very delicious!”.

Very delicious!

Summary of this article

This post explains “Senbon Inari” of the specialty store of “Inari Sushi”.

  • “Senbon Inari” is outside the ticket gate of Fushimi Inari station.
  • That shop is the specialty store of “Inari Sushi”.
  • “Inari-Sushi” is the food wrapped vinegared rice with “Oage”.
  • Let’s take out Inari Sushi and climb Inariyama mountain.