[Recommended restaurant of Fushimi Inari, Kyoto] Let’s eat an Eel Bowl with Nezameya(Founded 1540)

This post explains Founded in 1540 “Nezameya” (you can eat an eel in this store).

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Information of “Nezameya”

“Nezameya” is near the entrance of Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine’s back approach.

You can see a white car, don’t you?

The torii that is visible behind a white car is the entrance to the back approach. And the shop in front of the white car is “Zezameya”.

Near the entrance of the back approach
Address of “Nezameya”
612-0807 Kyoto Prefecture Fushimi-ku, Kyoto Fukakusainarionmae-cho, 82-1
Map of “Nezameya”

Business hours of “Nezameya”
Regular holiday of “Nezameya”
Irregular holiday

This restaurant was founded in 1540. It is around 1540 in Japan called “Sengoku-Jidai: Warring States Period”.

Do you know Toyotomi Hideyoshi? He is one of famous Japanese historical figures.

Actually, it’s said that “Nezameya” is named by Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

The appearance of “Nezameya”

Outside the restaurant there are wooden sign written “Nezameya” in kanji and hiragana.

The sign written “Nezameya”

Eel is baked by the chef at the front of “Nezameya”.

Eel being cooked

Eel is baked with special sauce that has been passed down from old times to this restaurant.

Deliciously cooked eel

English menu

Many foreign tourists come to Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, so English menu is prepared in this restaurant.

Messages written in English

You cann’t bring food you bought at other shops to this restaurant and eat it.

The inside of “Nezameya”

This restaurant has eating and drinking spaces on the 1st and 2nd floors.

This building has a taste in a Japanese house, but the stairs going up to the second floor is steep, so if you are older you may have a bit of a hard time.

Table seat on the 2nd floor

The eel bowl of “Nezameya”

This is the eel bowl of “Nezameya”. The price is 1,800 yen. This is a little expensive compared to other menus.

The eel bowl of “Nezameya”

The amount of rice is small, but it smells delicious eel.

It smells delicious!

Since the rice also has a special source taste, I ate it deliciously!

Rice with taste of sauce

Inari-Sushi of “Nezameya”

This restaurant also sells at take-out.

I took out “Inari-Sushi” which is the local gourmet of Fushimi Inari.

This is 1000 yen / 7 pieces.


Inari-Sushi is the food wrapped vinegared rice with Oage(sweet deep-fried “Tofu”) .


Summary of this article

This post explains Founded in 1540 “Nezameya” (you can eat an eel in this store).

  • “Nazaimatsu” is near the entrance of Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine’s back approach.
  • “Nezameya” is the restaurant with a tradition of foundation of 1540.
  • The popular menu of this restaurant is eel bowl.
  • You can relieve because English menu is prepared.